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The thermostat in an engine cooling system has two purposes; The first is temperature control and the second is restriction. Thermostats are typically located in one of two places, the upper hose or the lower hose. Upper hose locations control the coolant leaving the engine, typically a higher temperature is used, and more restriction. Lower […]

Coolant Pump Drive Ratio

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Do you know your coolant pump drive ratio? You can find it by dividing the diameter of your crankshaft pulley by the diameter of the water pump pulley. For example: 8” crank /6” pump = 1.333, or 33% overdrive for the pump. 4000 engine RPM would be about 5300 RPM at the pump. A figure […]

Decreasing System Pressure

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Automotive cooling systems use “system pressure” to affect cooling functions. The action of the pump pushing coolant through the engine against restriction creates pressure. This pressure varies with engine rpm when a crank shaft-driven pump is used; An electric pump maintains a constant pressure or varies the pressure related to engine temperature. System pressure can […]

Hot Weather

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It’s above 90°F the A/C is on, temp gauge has moved from normal to almost too hot what can be done? Most cooling systems today have a heater core built in for defrosting the windshield, cold weather heat or defogging in rainy weather. Most people do not know that the heater circuit is on all […]

Multiple Pass Radiators

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There’s the belief among some that the engine coolant can go through the radiator too fast and not have enough time to dissipate its heat or that it’s passing through the engine too fast to pick the heat up. This belief probably originated via the observation that removing the thermostat can cause the engine to […]

Coolant vs Metal Temperature

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I recently saw on a forum someone asking how it can be possible to see a higher coolant temperature at the same time as our coolant is keeping the engine cooler. It’s not as crazy as it sounds! First, let’s not confuse coolant temperature with metal temperature. People tend to focus on coolant temperature for […]

Prepare Your Engine for Winter

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As winter descends upon much of the powersports world, it’s easy to let your machine sit where you parked it last. Resist this unassisted hibernation! A little care now will save you so much trouble when spring returns; we all know the creeping guilt of neglect throughout the winter. The best solution is really to […]

Evans Coolant Maintenance

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Evans Coolant is essentially maintenance free. Now I know that the word “essentially” is a qualifier that can cover over a shady statement, so I’ll explain a bit more. There are really two aspects about 50/50 antifreeze that make regular maintenance necessary. The corrosion protecting additives settle out or are consumed over time. The other […]

Avoid Overheating with Traditional Antifreeze? Good Luck.​

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You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, unless you’re using Evans Coolant. That’s a pretty drastic statement, but let me back it up. When an engine is running hot with antifreeze in its cooling system, the operator can get into a situation where there are no good options to avoid overheating and […]