Kubota Tractors go Waterless


Kubota Tractors go Waterless Kubota Tractors South Africa have signed an agreement with Evans Cooling Systems (Africa) that creates the opportunity for new Kubota Tractors to be factory filled with Evans Waterless Engine Coolants and permits distribution of the coolants to Kubota’s network of dealers across Southern Africa. Evans Waterless Coolants are revolutionary engine cooling […]

Fast Ford Magazine

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Fast Ford Magazine “If you’ve ever experienced an overheating engine, or push your fast Ford to the limits on track then this product is for you. Evans Waterless Coolant is exactly that – a coolant that isn’t water-based. Therefore it can deal with much higher temperatures (up to 180deg) and doesn’t pressurise like water does, […]

Moto Magazine

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Moto Magazine “When the Honda GP team chooses to use a product you know it is quality stuff that makes its bikes perform better. So you know that the Evans’ Powersports waterless coolant that the team uses is seriously good for your bike too. Unlike other coolants, Evans’ is 100% waterfree and produces a cooler […]